Why Flip Flop?
Every other page is upside-down for a reason. We designed each book to fold back on itself so your student can see and focus on one page at a time.

As you work through the lessons, your student sees a glimpse of what's to come, so when he flips the book upside-down, your child will proudly review all that he has accomplished, simply by turning the pages, flipping and learning as you work back toward the front of the workbook.

Each workbook includes a Spanish CD or a French CD, to remove any pronunciation trepidation and allow you and your child to practice learning TOGETHER!

Other tools include Spanish Flash Cards, Spanish Bingo, a Perpetual Spanish Calendar and more!

Students absorb language when they have fun!
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About Flip Flop Learning...
Teaching your child a foreign language is one of the most daunting (and most overwhelming!) endeavors one can attempt as a parent of a toddler... or child of any age.

Spanish for Children resources are sometimes too advanced, sometimes too silly, sometimes just plain boring... but Flip n Flop Learning overcomes all that by basing language acquisition on your relationship with your child, as well as fun, proven activities!

About Señora Gose…

The author is a happily married, former Texas Public School Teacher, current Private Lessons teacher, small business owner, and mother of five children, as well as the president of the Community Homeschool Center in Bryan, Texas.

Señora Gose lives in Central Texas with her husband and growing family of five children. She enjoys teaching her weekly Spanish classes, supporting homeschool endeavors of the community in any way possible, and keeping a happy, well-organized home.
Her priorities begin with striving to be a godly wife and mother, and are followed by teaching and tutoring all ages of Spanish students, reading and writing Spanish lesson plans (and compiling future workbooks!), and continually making her home more efficient as she strives to follow the Lord’s Will in all that she does.

Please feel free to e-mail Sra. Gose with questions, comments, or feedback on her books or website.

Ongoing Endeavors...
Sra. Gose includes Spanish in her every day life through music, television, conversation at the local grocery store, and of course reading, writing, and teaching. Currently, she and her family are taking on the challenge of acquiring German as a third language!

Living in Texas, it is not a difficult task to find opportunities to keep increasing Spanish vocabulary and practicing to stay up to date on the local slang, idioms, or simply invented "Texican" or "Tex-Mex" words for our region.

Simply remember, language teachers are not immune from the "use it or lose it" adage. Practice your Spanish words every opportunity you have in order to train your brain to accept new vocabulary and grammar rules with more ease.

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