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See it and Say it Front and back Cover

 See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish ~ $99.95 retail (new low price for 2017!)

Whole Family Spanish: A two-year curriculum set for the entire family; complete with 3 sets of flash cards, a whiteboard paddle, and 4 audio CD's, See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish teaches chunks of language that is immediately usable. For ages 3 to 93, every family member will enjoy moving the innovative photo flashcards around to construct their original sentences in Spanish. Complete with games, charades, skits, audio, visual, and tactile learning, children and parents alike move quickly through the short CD tracks (about three per lesson) three times per week. Lessons include optional writing elements as well as plenty of voice bubbles coming from mascot Egg Head to explain the grammatical concepts along the way. Every curriculum needs a boost, and knowing this, Señora Gose has included Break Weeks about every 6 weeks so that your family can enjoy watching Spanish movies, review old flashcards, or just practice the words as you do your household chores. Your Complete Curriculum Arrives hole-punched and shrink wrapped, ready for you to place into the binder of your choice at home. Watch an intro here. 


Flip Flop Spanish: Ages 3-5: Level 1 ~ $25.95 

Complete with a CD, this is a hands-on book! The Flip Flop Language Series makes it fun and easy for all parents (Spanish-speaking or not) to teach their children Spanish.

Why Flip Flop? Every other page is upside-down for a reason! We designed each book to fold back on itself so your student can see and focus on only one page at a time. As you both work through the lessons, your student sees a glimpse of what's to come, so when he FLIPs the book upside-down, your child will proudly review all that he has accomplished, simply by turning the pages, flipping and learning as you work back toward the front of the workbook. Reviewing previous vocabulary and activities is imperative to language acquisition.

With more than 14 weeks of activities, puzzles, lesson pages, extra ideas, and a glossary, this workbook only contains the pages that really WORK with children to help them want to learn Spanish and practice it. The flashcards in the back are easy to cut out, and fun to color and use. All families also receive free ideas and online tutoring help through the book's website! 


 Flip Flop Spanish: Ages 3-5: Level 2 ~ $25.95 

This proven Spanish curriculum is the second level of Spanish learning for any young child. A novel flip-flopped workbook and textbook combination is simple and fun so any parent can teach (and learn!) Spanish with the included CD. More vocabulary, sentences for conversation, finger puppets, and flashcards are included in this continuation after completion of Flip Flop Spanish Level 1. 

The CD includes 17 speaking tracks and 3 fun songs that go with your lessons. A kid-tested and parent approved workbook full of more than 15 weeks of simple, fun, and motivating lessons.


 Flip Flop Spanish: Ages 6-9: Level 1 ~ $25.95 

This level of Flip Flop Spanish is still chock full of lessons taken from Sra. Gose's experience as a Spanish teacher. Many parents, unable to attend class, began asking to purchase just her weekly "homework packets." After teaching and enjoying the progress of her students, Sra. Gose saw a need, and took the curriculum the students enjoyed and learned from the MOST, and re-formatted it in this sturdy, spiral bound series.

To be sure the students get review (always a necessity with language acquisition,) these workbooks have a novel Flip Flop to them. Work through the book forwards, and then on the return journey, you and your student flip the book upside down to work on the opposite pages. You both will see the work you've done previously, thus reviewing, without boring your student. This set-up also requires your child to fold the book all the way back, and focus only on one page at a time.

With more than 16 weekly lessons, a full glossary, sample flash cards in the back, and an Audio CD with every word pronounced for you, Flip Flop Spanish is a comprehensive, low-stress way to begin learning Spanish, and speaking it immediately!


 Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards: Verde Set ~ $11.95 

With 45 words and phrases (48 cards total), the eager language learner will practice basic words like body parts and household items, as well as phrases and adjectives that make those basic nouns so much more usable! Photo cues are on one side, Spanish, phonetic spelling, and English on the other, dispelling any concern about correct pronunciation or meaning.

Our flash cards are heavier than the average, and are the perfect size for small hands (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches), reducing the likelihood of bent or folded cards.


azul cover web small

  Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards: Azul Set ~ $11.95 

The second set in the Flip Flop Spanish Flash Card series includes even more nouns, adjectives and verbs. Any one set allows sentence building, but more flash cards = more vocabulary = more original sentences (which = more motivation!) Click on the picture for the word list in each set. Many students enjoy whole punching the cards to keep the words they’ve mastered on a ring, for quick review, and a growing sense of accomplishment. 


  Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards: Rojo Set ~ $11.95 
The third set in the Flip Flop Spanish Flash Card series, you'll still see great photos on one side, and the English and Spanish translations on the back, along with phonetic spelling. This set allows you to use even more VERBS. So "I'm going to study," "I have to clean the kitchen."  or "I like to eat more brocoli," are all options when the Rojo set is added to your Verde and Azul sets. Literally thousands of sentences are waiting to be laid out and explored in Spanish. Flash Card sets are differentiated by the vocabulary dividing line on the back of each card.     


Spanish Fun Activity Calendar ~ $11.95 

Designed for the busiest of families, you can use the Spanish Fun Activity Calendar as your main curriculum, or as a supplement. Learn Spanish at the Speed of Life!

-Handy Spanish: never lose your textbook, just hang it on the wall!

-Learn Spanish at your child s pace and track your progress by adding one useful word per day. Say the word of the day three times, color and label the word in the month s mural, and your Spanish lesson is done for the day ~ all on the way to the breakfast table!

-Each practical vocabulary word is strategically laid out so that every Friday, you and your child will know a complete sentence by using your newfound vocabulary from that week.

-The twelve months' dates are left open so you can start any month, any year.

-With a handy pronunciation guide, as well as phonetic spelling throughout, the Spanish Fun Activity Calendar makes acquiring a second language simple, fun, and hands-on for all ages of students. 


The Key to Learning Anything ~ $9.95

Knowing the Key to Learning is important in every stage of life. A quick and easy read, finally parents and learners can discover these principles and apply them in a simple manner.

  • the key to learning 
  • a quick test for discovering your learning style
  • resources for more in depth looks at how you learn
  • the biggest obstacle to learning 
  • three learning styles 
  • examples for making the best use of your learning style for any subject area

Parents will be relieved, professionals will find a renewed sense of determination, and children will grow in their confidence when they recognize one easy fact:

There's not a best way to learn, there's just a best way FOR YOU.


 Bella: A Bilingual Reader ~ $6.95 retail

An interesting story - fun to read in two languages! Learn Spanish in the simplest, most fun fashion! Follow Bella, a hermit crab who enjoys changing shells, through ten days of places, weather, and wardrobe changes. Flip the book over and read it in Spanish, with an extensive Spanish-English Glossary in the center fold. You'll learn numbers, colors, simple shapes and weather phrases in this entertaining reader, designed for your child to color and enjoy over and over again. Students completing Flip Flop Spanish Workbook Ages 3-5 Level 2, or ages 6-9 Level 1 will be able to read this book with ease. 


Flip Flop Spanish Vocabulary Builder: Movie Magic ~ $32.95 retail
Spanish Through the Movies. This curriculum is recommended for anyone who wants to start Spanish in an immersion type manner, to supplement other Spanish curriculum, or just wants to change things up a bit in their Spanish language journey!

Each lesson is labeled by Lesson 1-25; not because they are easier or harder lessons, but because that is the order Señora Gose taught them in her weekly classes as the students voted on the next movie. Each lesson can stand alone, though there are a few instances where a later lesson does include words covered by an earlier movie. After lessons 16 and on, the labels for the youngest to oldest students have changed to simple activity titles. The main idea is to practice the vocab, and do the activities, and enjoy listening to the movie in Spanish.

If you do not have access to one of the movies, that s okay. You can skip it and come back. If you LOVE one movie and are not ready to move on, then by all means, stay on it, and continue to watch MORE in Spanish!

If you would like another lesson on a movie, contact Señora Gose. She may just have made one on your movie choice. (She teaches a LOT of Spanish classes!)

HOW IT WORKS: The intro session uses Dumbo. Read through that lesson to get a feel for how to set your DVD to play in Spanish, as well as how long each lesson lasted in Sra. Gose s classes. Play the Words first, repeat, and then listen for those same words in the movie. We liked to check them off or raise our hand when we heard one.

THE MAIN THING: You know your child best! Change and adapt the lessons to the way that works best for your family. Listen to the words on the MP3 or CD, and then watch the movie. Be sure you SPEAK as much as possible in Spanish. Beyond that, everything is just a recommendation!


Flip Flop Jot: Spanish for List Makers! ~ $6.95 "I just don't have TIME to learn Spanish" - is what most moms say. This takes care of it with Spanish on a LIST - something all busy moms make. Lists, lists, and more lists.

~More than 250 Spanish words presented in 131 useful phrases on a practical magnetic notepad.

List to-do's at the bottom, learn at the top!

As you jot down your notes for each day, learn Spanish along the way! Each notepad page has a useful phrase at the top with phonetic spelling and translations. You are immediately able to practice, learn, and say three original Spanish sentences even while enumerating your grocery list.

On each page, you will see a shaded, rounded square. This is your MAIN PHRASE of the day. On the opposite side, there are three additional words. You may choose any one of these words or phrases to complete your thought.


How to use this product:

-Be sure to read each word aloud.

-For nouns, you may make flash cards, or label the item in your home. For verbs, act out the word while repeating it three times quick.

-Place the note pad on your refrigerator door, and each time you add to your to-do list or grocery needs, re-read the Spanish phrase, and try to use it that day!


Skinny Book: The Multipurpose, Language Absorbing, Timeline Making, Term-Defining, Math Fact Working, Vocab Practicing, Spelling and Writing, So You Can Learn Notebook ~ $4.95 retail

 This creative use of the notebook allows students to learn and memorize the way their brains work best.
Using LOTS of white space (pages are unlined to allow the maximum use of creativity), a student writes half of his info on one side (i.e. Spanish Vocab Word) and the other half on the other side (i.e. English translation, or a quick doodle) then can flip it back on itself to quiz himself, or hold it up to quiz a partner. At the end of the course, he has a nice THIN personal dictionary to refer to as a record of all his vocabulary words... or hard math facts, or biology definitions, or a timeline of World War II, or difficult spelling words, or visionary plans for his future...

The point is, the SHAPE of the book inspires creativity, memory, and SMALL chinks of information that you can ACTUALLY learn. Then turn the page and tackle the next set of informational tidbits.

Keep it chunky and light! And remain MOTIVATED in all your school subjects.


Currclick Flash Cards Bundle: Verde, Azul, & Rojo Sets + White board Paddle ~ $ 36.95

If you plan to use Currclick.com to download the eBook and MP3 audio files, this is the bundle for you! Receive all three sets of Flashcards for See it and Say it Level 1, as well as the white board paddle for your vocabulary games. A great money saving option for techno-savvy folks!


Find every Flip Flop Spanish Product in digital ebook and MP3 form at Currclick.com:


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