See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish: A look inside 

At the end of lesson one - a total of 8 minutes, you and your family are able to form original sentences - not just listen and repeat, but FORM your own sentences. Here’s what the very lesson sounds like, the back of the box, the box insert, and an example from one family on how they set up their binder. Scroll down for actual lesson pages from the curriculum. 



PHOTO Credit: TotPlay Blog

More Details:

The See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish bundle is a two-year curriculum designed around the Charlotte Mason methodology. Simple concepts and words are introduced as pictures and once the foundation of a new language is established, the program builds the student into a bilingual speaker. Designed specifically for audial, visual, and tactile learning styles, See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish has all the tools necessary to engage every type of student.

The program is for every age of student and is best used interactively with the whole the family or with other person, mimicking the process toddlers use in acquiring their first language. Complete with games, charades, and skits that engage young and older learners alike.

All printed materials designed and manufactured in the USA.



  • Step-by-step instructions throughout two year program
  • Optional expansion writing elements in most lessons
  • Egg Head mascot explains grammatical concepts along the way
  • Teaches bite-size chunks of language that are immediately usable
  • Lessons include a scheduled break week every 6 weeks
  • Three-hole punched, fits standard 3-ring presentation/standard binder
  • Front/back/spine inserts for presentation binder pockets
  • Printed on high quality 20# paper for durability
  • All pages shrink-wrapped


  • 4 labeled audio lesson CDs
  • High quality audio demonstrating proper pronunciation of each word
  • 3 audio tracts per lesson in the Guide Book
  • Audio tracts are transcribed in the Guide Book


  • 3 full sets, each set contains 48 cards (135 words & phrases)
  • Can be combined to make literally thousands of original sentences
  • High quality 80# paper for durability and opaqueness
  • Full color photo images to train the brain to attach new words to actual objects
  • Individually shrink-wrapped
  • Sized for small hands
  • Color coded for easy organization
  • Every card has a picture on one side and the English, Spanish, and phonetic spelling on the other
  • Contain essential words and phrases to allow the student to create their own original sentences, questions, and statements in Spanish
  • Includes nouns, adjectives, sentence starters, and verbs
  • All three sets can be combined to form new sentences/phrases


  • Used to draw new vocabulary words, play vocabulary games, and show off newly learned words
  • Any quality whiteboard marker of any color can be used on paddle without causing damage
  • Paddle can be cleaned with standard rubbing alcohol even if a permanent marker is accidentally used


  • We include a high visibility, name brand marker for the most durability
  • Markers are sized for ease of writing for small hands


  • Protects and organizes all 4 audio CDs
  • CDs are pre-inserted in appropriate pocket for binder
  • Sized for standard 3-ring binder
  • Transparent for CD identification


  • Used to categorize: animals, clothing, parts of speech, weather, sentence starters, locations, and more
  • Allow learning syntax as laid out in the Guide Book
  • Sized for standard 3-ring binder
  • Flashcards slide easily in pockets but remain secure
  • Transparent for flashcard viewing

Any 3-ring presentation binder is suitable as long as the size is above 1 inch (binder not included).

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