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Fall 2017 Class Times in Bryan, Texas

Wednesdays at the Community Homeschool Center located in Bryan, Texas: Villa Maria & Texas Avenue Tejas  Center, in the Theater Company Parking Lot                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Adult evening Spanish class begins Oct 4, 2017. 

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Wednesdays at Community Homeschool Center in Bryan 

(in the Tejas Center at Teas Ave and Villa Maria):

10:00am High School Spanish Level 2 Conversational, vocabulary, and all Spanish verb tenses. Learn via reading and speaking, and hit all the Texas State Spanish II requirements (plus some!) for Spanish 2 high school level. ($10/week) Text: Same as last year

10:00 am Spanish Bingo and Movies - (ages 4 to 11) Lead by Sra. Gose’s High School Spanish Students, enjoy learning basic vocabulary and speaking by playing Bingo and watching and discussing Animated Movies in Spanish. ($5/week for staying with your child, $7/week for dropping child off) No text cost

11:00am High School Spanish 1 - High School Texas State Requirements all fulfilled (and then some!) Learn grammar and vocabulary during class in a fun and entertaining way (ask anyone!), and apply your knowledge as you practice the homework, about 20-30 minutes per day commitment.($10/session, same text as last year)

12 noon High School Spanish 2 & 3 (two-year commitment) (ages 14+)

  ($10/session, textbook w/CD is about $20)  Continuing Students, or take Sra. Gose’s Spanish 1 Final Exam to test into this course. Ages 14 and up. See description below. Sra. Gose is VERY excited about teaching Advanced Spanish concurrently with the grammar topics. 

1:00PM Speech Classes (sign up for both or just one) The High School Classes We all wish we had taken! Every year I get to teach these courses, I think, 

“GOODNESS, I wish I had taken these classes in High School rather than waiting until college.”

Wednesdays 1:00pm: (Fall Semester) Public Speaking (text: $20) (1 semester course)

- We’ll cover all the basic speeches, learn to critique, study historical speeches, and of course what makes up a good speech. We’ll even get a chance for some fun mini-debating. Students will give 6 speeches of various length during the course. We’ll alternate with one week of notes, one week of speeches and critiques.

Class length is 14 weeks (no class week of Thanksgiving)

Wednesdays 1:00pm: (Spring Semester) Interpersonal Communication (text: $17) (1 semester course) - This class covers everything from conflict resolutions, small group communication, meta-messages, and culture clashing, to mediums of communication (and more). This is a real world-changer for many teens and their relationships.

2:00PM High School Spanish 1A (Take High School Spanish 1 over a two year period.) ($10/session) Text with audio is $20. Recommended for students ages 7th-9th grade. 

How to Enroll:

To attend classes at the CHC, email the teacher to enroll. You’ll receive an email reminder around the first of August. New students’ book money is due Aug 20. (Paypal or snail mail.)

Classes begin Wednesday, September 6.

Fall 2017 Spanish Class Descriptions:

High School Spanish IA….Take your time, and go through Spanish I in two years’ time. Designed with the same curriculum, for students ages 7th through 9th grade.

High School Spanish I
- This class fulfills all of the TEKS for the State of Texas for Spanish I. We have speaking quizzes and exams, vocabulary tests, and speaking practice in class. The textbook units begin with a story to read aloud each week as well as a CD to listen and Practice with and Vocabulary lists and exercises. We take notes each week. This class is definitely geared toward 9th or 10th graders or older. We have fun, but the homework load is NOT too light. You are welcome to ask previous students about the class load. Students receive a homework packet each week with exercises laid out for them in each day. I speak about 30% in Spanish in this class, outside of giving notes.

High School Spanish 2/3 - This is a two year course. We begin with review, and then build speed. I recommend age 10th grade and above for this class. The grammar load is heavy to get through all the verb tenses, but we have a lot of fun with word puzzles, commercials, songs, movies and audio to listen to. It is intense, and study sessions before the mid terms and final exams are recommended. I speak about 60% in Spanish for this class, to 100% in the Spanish 3 year. (Pretty much everything outside of notes) Students will work through Spanish 2 grammar, supplementing with conversational Spanish 3 topics as we move through the lessons. 

Spanish Movies and Bingo - Ages 4 to 12 Taught and lead by Sra. Gose’s High School Spanish Students. Enjoy learning basic vocabulary and speaking by playing Bingo and watching and discussing family friendly Animated Movies in Spanish. Homework includes reviewing Spanish bingo words, and a homework packet on Movie weeks. ($5/week when parent is staying with your child, $7/week for dropping child off) No text or material costs.

How to Enroll:
To attend the CHC in Bryan, TX Class, simply email to enroll, or call. Classes always fill quickly. Supplement Your Class time with a Sra. Gose-created product

Spanish Class Policy 2017-2018

AGES: Students ranging in ages from three to adult are welcome.

MOTIVATION: All students should show a desire to learn Spanish and should practice their lessons between weekly classes.

TUITION: Each session is $10.00 per student. You may pay weekly or monthly. Payment is due one week prior to each class. (Thus, September’s enrollment is due the last week of August.) There are no required expenses beyond enrollment (and textbooks about $20, for High School Classes)

Yearly Family and Individual Student memberships are available at the CHC.

ABSENCES: If a student knows he will be absent beforehand, he simply should note this on the sign in sheet. I will provide the packet of work the week he returns to class. I must be notified (via email, phone, message machine, in person, etc) at least 24 hours in advance to credit an absence. If I am not aware of the student's absence BEFORE class, payment will not be credited toward the next attended class session. No refunds will be made for any enrollment fees. All absent students will receive the packet of homework for any missed class. A student wishing to discontinue classes should simply notify me with one week's notice.

CLASS SIZE: One class will consist of no more than 18 students.

CLASS MATERIALS: Please bring a pen or pencil, and a binder or folder to house your Spanish packets and binder sheets. Classes that require a text will receive their books at the first class.

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Seminar choices includes topics such as 
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   ~Learning Languages through the Ages
   ~How our brains develop linguistically

   ~Teaching Multiple Ages at Once

   ~Spanish for Ministry

~…..and even a Crash Course in Spanish for adults (Yes, in ONE day, you can get a jump start with Spanish!)

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