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Spanish Lessons Comparison Chart

FFL Comparison Chart

Señora Gose’s main objective has always been that students enjoy learning Spanish. We know that there are MANY resources out there, and Flip Flop Spanish will work for many many families, but not everyone. 

So! Here are the resources that Señora Gose recommends. Click on the chart to the left to see a Full Size Comparison Chart with all the Titles she gets asked about most.

Click on any product picture from Amazon below for more information, a peek inside, and to read what others say. We don’t carry all these products in our distribution, but you can order ANY of these titles on, and of course all Flip Flop Products by clicking the giant orange circle to the right. 

  • Best Adult Spanish Resources

Part of Señora Gose’s weekly schedule is devoted to teaching adults in a corporate setting. The students are thriving. And you know what their best resource is? Flip Flop Spanish Flashcards! Memorizing the photo cues, and laying out complete sentences makes learning Spanish low stress and even FUN. Purchase them from our own shop here, or find them on Amazon, in addition the handy (and inexpensive!) glossary recommended to each of Sra. Gose adult students.

See how adults use these cards!

  • Best High School Spanish Resources 

We are in the final year of testing our

Señora Goses Spanish Geniuses We expect a full launch in Summer of 2017. Until each video is complete, you can try it out  Use GUINEAPIG as a coupon code and get it 50% off!

But UNTIL THEN, our top choice on the Homeschool Market is Homeschool Spanish Academy. I trust their leadership and admire their plan for Spanish mastery for you and your student. Their class and session prices fluctuate based on age and length of lessons, but they are a service that actually teaches with native speakers, living IN Spanish speaking countries, conversing with your child in real time - via Skype. (Cool concept, yes?)

No matter what curriculum you choose, all the resources for Adults also help with High Schoolers to make their lessons full, rich, and meaningful. Supplements are GOOD.

  • Best Middle School Spanish Resources 

The Easy Spanish Reader by William Tardy


is a great resource. You can use it by listening only (it comes with audio, too!) or by reading and learning along. The guide we’re creating for High School Spanish uses this book as their main source for listening and reading an interesting, yet simple story line.

For the Flip Flop Spanish Flashcards, or any flashcards made by students (highly recommended!) a hole punch and binder rings help students to categorize by 

known and unknown, or nouns, verbs, adjectives,” or even “home, school, sports” categories. Listing words by themes helps the brain to pull from the correct section and makes accessing memories easier as you put together original thoughts. Both colored rings and colored flashcards are recommended for this fun part of flashcards!

Another super fun and engaging resource includes the DVD Movies already on your shelf. Go to Audio Set up, and see if you have Spanish as a spoken language option. Choose the scene your student can recite from heart, and watch that scene in Spanish!

Add to it a Movie Guide, with vocabulary already listed, plus some flashcards he makes along the way, and you have an entire year of weekly Spanish movies!

  • Best Elementary Spanish Resources

There are SO many ways to teach and learn Spanish at  young age. My favorite resource, before we published Flip Flop Spanish Workbooks, was Ana Lomba. You can find my favorite book of hers, Play and Learn Spanish, on the left side of the page.

Otherwise, if your child is not a “workbook kid,” I have to say that See it and Say it is the answer to all the learning styles needs. Audial, Visual, and Tactile are ALL included. No prep, fun for kids and super effective! If you are already a fan of See it and Say it, you might let the world know on the Amazon Reviews! 


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