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Speech Delays, Special needs? Flip Flop Spanish works!

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~ First, I love, love, LOVE that we can sit down together and learn from this curriculum as a family... no matter our ages! (DS, 13, DD, 9, and DD 4). I love that within minutes of listening and learning WITH my children (meaning, I don't have to study and learn before I teach), I am able to guide them as we begin speaking Spanish, immediately. I love that Sra. Gose suggested we have a room in our home or a time of day that is designated "Spanish" to practice hearing and responding to one another in Spanish. (For example, she suggested the kitchen or while unloading dishes. Turns out, the first few lessons include kitchen items so our family speaks Spanish while we prepare meals together then show off our new words and abilities with Dad at the dinner table. The kids especially love when they get to teach him a new word!)

As a teacher, I never have that overwhelming "Oh no, it's time for Spanish" feeling. Our entire family always enjoys See It & Say It Spanish. It's easy to pull out and press play for our lesson, then easy to replicate the lessons the rest of the week with or without the CD. Hear it, play with it, then write it. All types of learning styles (and teaching styles!) are accounted for with this curriculum. My only challenge with See It & Say It Spanish is sitting back and watching the kids play without taking over! (Maybe I should get my OWN set of flash cards, too!)

Our family loves See It & Say It Spanish and I think you will too!

A. Law   February 21, 2013


Sra. Gose,

I should have told you, my kids really love your Spanish set. My girls are actually 6 and 8 years old. This book is not below their ability, though, and they have the bonus of being able to write as well as say the lessons. We have been doing a little Spanish here and there since they were old enough to learn English. I have taken just two semesters of conversational Spanish via community college, so my ability is very limited. After my girls finished book one, a bilingual friend of mine came over to speak to them in Spanish and see how well their lessons sank in. She was impressed by how much they could process and speak. It seems they are not just memorizing words, but are beginning to understand the language and figure out meanings for new words. I am so happy and grateful!

Thank you,
Date: April 14, 2008


"Great value! There are 14 lessons with 3-4 days of practice work for each. The CD is a valuable resource for correct pronunciation and the short lessons are doable for the young child and busy mom! Definitely a fun, low-stress introduction to Spanish!"

Date: August 9, 2005 Reviewer: Julie Hunt, mother of 6, (Texas)


"Awesome book for my toddler learning Spanish. Thank you!"

Date: 10/12/2005 Rated by Buyer: Danielle J.


"I was very pleased with the material in the book. My daughter is enjoying learning Spanish. The lessons for each day are very short and therefore keep her attention."

Date: 9/29/2005 Rated by Buyer: jenniferblanscet


"Senora Gose's Flip Flop Spanish is great and I love the illustrations that can be colored. I love to color and paint and so do young children. The whole book is entertaining as well as instructional. I know children and their parents will love it and will benefit greatly from it!"

Date: Aug 12, 2005 --Sincerely, Arlene S. Ell, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)


"I don't like [another Spanish Program] at all. We have since been using a program called Flip-Flop Spanish which is tons of fun and my kids are actually learning stuff."

Date: Feb 15, 2006 Yahoo member: Michelle

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